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Fringe Sport One Fit Wonder 10 lbs Bumper Plate Review

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February 13, 2014


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Fringe Sport One Fit Wonder 10 lbs Bumper Plate Review


In the world of CrossFit there’s a major issue that involves the breaking of 10 pound bumper plates on a regular basis. Why is this? Mostly, it’s due to tacoing.

A lot of the benchmark workouts are programmed at 65 pounds for women and the easiest way to set that weight up is a 45 pound Olympic bar with two 10 pounds plates on each side. Unfortunately, until recently, most 10 pound plates weren’t designed to withstand a beating and broke and did what we call “tacoing“.

In an effort to “Save the Tens” the great guys over at Fringe Sport have come up with a 10 pound bumper plate that can take a beating and keep going. ┬áThe plates are well priced and they offer free shipping in the US. I honestly believe that they’ve forever changed the world of CrossFit to be a better place.

Here’s my review of the Fringe Sport One Fit Wonder 10 pound Bumper Plate.

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  1. Garage Gyms
    February 27, 2014 at 9:30 am

    Thanks for making a video on this. I have both the OFW bumpers and the Rogue HG's. My Rogue 10's have bent, my OFW's have not. Pretty badass considering the OFW's don't cost more.

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