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Trying the Smolov Squat Program

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March 26, 2014


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Trying the Smolov Squat Program

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I love squatting! People say I’m weird because I squat at least twice a week, but it’s something that I’ve always been good at, so I enjoy it.  I think it’s mostly because I was a goalie in hockey and you have to have strong legs.

I’d like to think for my size I have a half decent squat. At 175 pound bodyweight (mind you I’m at about 185 right now) I have a 315 pound 3 rep max and a 335 pound 1 rep max back squat. Like I said, I’m pretty happy with this weight, however, it’s been this weight for the last 5 years and I can’t seem to add any more weight to my squat and it’s a bit of a piss-off.

Enter the Smolov Squat Program.

The Claim: “Smolov is a Russian Squat routine that will boost your Squat by up to 100lb in only 13 weeks… Smolov was designed by the Russian Master of Sports Sergey Smolov, but it is Pavel Tsatsouline who popularized this Squat routine by publishing it first in Powerlifting USA (2001) and later in his book “Power to the People Professional“ (page 63).”

The Proof: Back in November my buddy Mike started the Smolov program and right off the bat saw some awesome gains. After two or three weeks in he was telling me about his progress and the strength he was getting, and although I wasn’t convinced this was the program for me, I was happy to see him making progress. I followed what he was doing closely because besides being a good friend of mine, he’s also a former client, and I am really interested in what he does.

Mike’s progress; he started November 4th at 185 pounds and finished February 2 at an amazing 285 pounds. Huh? 100 pounds added to his squat? Seriously? I know this is what the program claims to do, but I didn’t think it actually would! Unreal!

My wife has always struggled with squats and deadlifts so she started the Smolov program January 8th with a  back squat 1 rep max of 95 pounds and then retested around February 22 at 145 pounds. Again, ridiculously impressive! 50 pounds added in just over a month to her back squat and while training she also added about 30 pounds to her deadlift without doing any deadlifts.

Don't skip leg day!

Don’t skip leg day!

After doing more research and seeing two people that I know add impressive weight to their squats, I decided that I was going to attack the program. The only thing that was preventing me from moving forward with it immediately was the CrossFit Games Open because I didn’t want to destroy my legs and be really sore while competing, because Mike and G. both said their legs were fried the entire time. After realizing that I wasn’t going to be able to compete hard in the Open this year due to injury, I decided to start the squat program.

I’m now a week into squatting and I’m surprisingly not sore at all. The weights haven’t been too heavy or too hard, but I thought due to the frequency and volume, I’d be a bit tender, but I’m not. I’m wondering if the reason I’m not as sore as I thought I’d be is because I’m also a week into my trial of a new supplement called X2PERFORMANCE which is suppose to help with ATP (ADENOSINE TRIPHOSPHATE) which in turn will help with energy and recovery. Like I said, I’m only a week into each and I know the squat program is going to get harder (much harder) but if I keep squatting and I’m not as sore as Mike and Gina were, X2PERFORMANCE may become a regular supplement in my routine.

I haven’t fully tested X2PERFORMANCE yet and I’m going to be doing a full review on it soon, but in the meantime, if you want to get your own free sample and give it a try, you can click this link and follow the instructions and just pay the $5.95 shipping.

I’m excited to see the gains that I’m going to make on this program and my end goal is to squat 350 pounds as it’s one of my 2014 goals I set in January. If you’re interested in looking at the program you can download an awesome and easy spread sheet here.

Sometimes I’m compensated to share my thoughts on products. It may be in the form of products, or services or even money… BUT I will never give you a BS review on something I don’t believe in. I’m honest and to the point and always will be. If you read any of my social media, you know what I’m talking about. I’m never going to be a professional blogger who makes money off of products and reviews for a living, so why would I lie? I’m here for you because I didn’t have someone there for me when I started my journey to a better life.

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(6) Readers Comments

  1. Bianca
    March 26, 2014 at 10:29 am

    I too did the Smolov program (part 1) and was impressed with how I felt through the program. I didn't feel like I was going to die or that it was to hard for me. Prior to Smolov my 1 rep max back squat was 95 pounds and then when I retested at the end of the part 1- my new one rep max was 195! Can't wait to see what part 2 can do :)

  2. Debbie @ Live from La Quinta
    March 27, 2014 at 11:18 am

    Ha! love that remember leg day picture. So true :-) I have been using the X2 for my running and I really feel like it has helped my performance and my recovery.

  3. darryl is lovingthebike
    March 27, 2014 at 1:52 pm

    Good post. Scott. In my training and bodybuilding days I was never a big lover of squats....but would sometimes try to psych myself up by calling it a squat party. Hahahahaha. Good to hear you like them. Let me know how X2 performs with your lifting....I'm interested in hearing more. Darryl

  4. Gabby @ Gabby's Gluten-Free
    March 27, 2014 at 2:59 pm

    I've never run Smolov but I do squat 3x a week as have seen massive lasting gains (I do a Texas method style program). I noticed great recovery improvement from using X2 so far - plus it's tasty and I love that it's only a small amount I liquid.

  5. kristin
    March 30, 2014 at 1:37 pm

    I have never done the Smolov but I do squats a few times a week. That picture is too funny! I have also noticed greater recovery from X2O

  6. James
    July 2, 2014 at 3:11 pm

    I just finished the first 3 weeks of the base cycle of smolov. Now it's time to rest for a week before maxing out again. I programmed the cycle based on my true 1 rep max (350lbs), but I did not have trouble with the weight until the last two sets of the final 10x3 day. I did 8 sets at 330 but dropped to 315 for the last two because I was afraid I would miss a rep. The Friday/Saturday back to back days are rough, since you're still beat up on Saturday from lifting the day before. I tried to go without a belt for as many sets as possible and only use it if I thought I needed it, e.g., the final 10x3 day.

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